Monday, April 27, 2009

Elora's Photo Shoot!

Here's what Elora looks like now that she's 5!

I like this picture because I think it looks like an old photo that's been hand tinted.

Elora liked this version better.

Happy Birthday Elora!

Elora is now 5!
Dad made this yummy Strawberry Pie for Elora.

Elora got cute new shoes and socks! She loves them sooooo much!
Danika really likes them too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A few ways you know Spring is here!

Lots of Blossoms!!!
Uncontrollable bouncing!
Swinging, swinging and more swinging!
Yellow noses!
And lots of happy smiles!!

Yay for spring!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Danika'a Photo Shoot

I was playing with different settings on my camera this morning and Danika was my model!
These are a few of my favorite pics of her.

This one was soft focus.

This was B&W (obviously).

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter with Matt, Mandy, Grandma and Grandpa.
The kids had an Easter egg hunt in Grandma's yard.

We colored eggs at Grandma's house.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a.........

I had an ultrasound today and discovered that our baby is definitely a boy!
Zach is way excited and is now asking when I'm going to "get" the baby.
Just 4 1/2 more months!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Ca Trip!

First off, I love my new Camera!!!
I took tons of pics, and it was really hard to pick only a few to put on here, so I put kind of a lot of pics on. I put different groups of pictures in separate posts, to keep things more organized.
These are pics of us playing around at my parents home and at a couple parks.

Cousins Bailee and Danika.

Codee and Elora.

My rose bush that's at my parents house.

This is the rocking chair that was at my grandparents house when I was little.
I told the kids to act scared because they were ridding a scary dinosaur.

Grandpa Tim reading bedtime stories to all his grand kids.

Joe was playing with Elora.

Both my Grandma's were there for my 30th b-day party (yep, I'm 30 now)!

My Grandpa was taking pictures all the time!

My brother Nick and his daughter Codee are definitely two peas in a pod!

Elora had tons of fun playing with Grandpa Tim.

Danika loves swinging!!

Elora does too!

Zach worked soooooo hard to get up on this bar!

While in Ca I was able to get together with some old friends!
Here is me, Monett, Ginney & Marina!

Here are our crazy kids!

These kids had so much fun together!

We went to the Air Museum at March AFB with my grandparents!

Elora, Lindsay and Danika were watching the air planes take off.

The Living Desert

We took the kids to The Living Desert out by Palm Springs. The kids loved it!

One of the neatest things we got to do there was go to the Humming Bird and Butterfly exhibit.

This butterfly landed in Elora's hair, then I got it on her finger.

Zach got to hold one too.

We tried to get Danika to hold one, but she was too silly and wouldn't hold still.
I want a Butterfly bench like this in my yard!

Danika climbed right up on this bronze warthog w/0 any prompting. They had these cool bronze animals in front of each of the exhibits, so even if we couldn't see the real animals we could see a life-like version of them.