Monday, April 26, 2010

Elora's 6!

Happy Birthday!
Elora is 6 yrs old now!
I forgot to get my camera out when she was opening presents and blowing out candles, so these are all the pics I have.
But she had a fun time and got lots of fun presents!

Who's who

Can you tell who's who?
(I know, the quality of the pictures gives it away)
But I would say there's some family resemblance going on here!
We were both in Kindergarten in these pics.

8 Months Old

Xander is 8 months old now.
He has 2 teeth that he bites everything with!
He is crawling around everywhere and starting to pull himself up on the furniture.
And he never closes his mouth (as you can tell from the pictures)!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

There's a Storm!

This morning Danika came running to me crying. She was trying to tell me what was wrong but I couldn't figure out what she was saying between the sobs. I could tell it wasn't too serious, I figured Elora did something to upset her. So I distracted her and and after about 15 min I tried asking her why she had been crying. After thinking for a minute she said;

"The toilet was all full! There was a storm in the toilet!!" She was so serious!
The way kids describe things is so funny sometimes!