Thursday, October 28, 2010

CA in September!

Now it's September!
We went to CA to see the newest "Smith" baby!
This is Wendy and Ben's baby, Dixie.
While we were in CA we visited Riley's Farm in Oak Glenn.
Makella and Danika were so intrigued by this little gopher.

We went to the Yucaipa Market and Grandma let the kids get their faces painted.

Zach looking handsome.

Xander making funny faces.

Xander and Allison playing around.

All the Grand kids with Great Grandma Lowe.

We also took Bonnie and her kids to the Living Dessert. It was only 111 degrees when we left!
The poor baby boys were so hot, we were pouring water on them to keep them cool.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cute Little Guy

Way back in August (again) we had this cut little guy come hang out with us for a while. I think it's a baby humming bird. The mama came around to check on it a few times. It just sat there while we stared at it. We were standing right under the wire, which was only about 5 ft above my head.

Xander's One!

Way back in August Xander turned one.
This was his fancy "Birthday Cake"!
(Pete made it of course!)

Two of Xander's presents. The goldfish crackers were a huge hit!