Thursday, October 30, 2008

Danika's 2 Year Pictures!

I know I'm a little late posting these pics. I didn't post them because I wasn't very happy with how dark they all turned out and my photo program is not good at all. But yesterday I came across this program, , it is exactly what I needed! It's not a giant file like photo shop, it's free, it does the same basic things photo shop does, and it's super easy to use!
So here are the pics I took of Danika a few days before her B-day!
I know this first one is blurry, but it's the only one I got of her smiling!

This is how Danika calls animals to her, even the rabbits in their cages are called by her patting her knees.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Time!

I just had to add this pic! For Danika's B-day Great Grandma Gilsen and Grandma Laurie sent Danika yellow happy face stickers. As you can see this is what happened to them all!

Danika helped Aunt Mandy carve her pumpkin. She was a very good helper!

Here's Pete, Matt and Mandy working on their pumpkins.

Elora and Zach cleaning out Zach's pumpkin. We let Zach carve his pumpkin completely by himself this year and he did a really good job!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

Elora and I were playing on this web site the other day and this is what we came up with :)
We were laughing pretty hard at all the silly hair styles!

This pic reminds me so much of old pics of my Grandma Gilsen. I tried to get my hair to look like this for Halloween a few years ago, but it didn't turn out looking this good.

I always wondered what I would look like as a blond!

This was Elora's favorite pic.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Danika's 2nd B-Day!

To start Danika's Birthday off we listened to The Church of Jesus Christ, General Conference. This is what I did to entertain the kids. Actually I just got the stickers out and Danika decided to put them all over her face, then Elora had to do it too.

I gave Elora a hair cut on Saturday! I cut about 4 in off! That's the most I've ever cut off of any ones hair! It was a little scary, but I didn't think about it, I just did it and hoped for the best. If I did a terrible job I knew Pete would have been able to fix it :)! But It turned out just fine!

After Conference Matt, Mandy and Jackie came over for Danika's B-Day party. To start off the party we picked all the pumpkins!

Pete really seems to be having a hard time with that pumpkin!

Grandma Julie made Danika these 4 dolls! Danika loves them!

Matt & Mandy got Danika this beautiful dress!
They also got her a bag of Goldfish crackers! After she opened them she didn't want anymore presents!

And here's her Pink strawberry cake (with strawberry marshmallows in the middle)!

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Dancing in the rain!

Last week we were outside admiring the dark stormy clouds that were coming our way when they started pouring on us! Zach ran for the house but Danika and Elora started running in circles! They were really funny to watch! Danika kept splashing water up her nose and was making funny faces because of it!

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