Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 Down 4 To Go!

So we finally did it! We finished the upstairs bathroom! It's been done for 2 weeks now but I was waiting to take pictures because I haven't got a curtain rod for the curtain yet. I still don't have it but I posted the pics anyway!
This is the only before pic I have of this room, I know it's not very good. The people who lived here before us turned the bathroom into a little tiny bedroom. Ben and Lacy used this bedroom while they lived here(their full size bed just barley fit).

Here is what is looks like now!

We found these really nice rugs and shower curtains (I turned half of one of the shower curtains into a curtain for the window) at Ross.
If anyone is looking to redo a floor in their home look into Trafficmaster Allure flooring at Home Depot. It is so easy to install, looks great and is water proof! We are putting it in our kitchen too.
Speaking of kitchens, that's what's next! Labor Day we are starting to rip out our kitchen! Yipee!
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Zach and Uncle Ben Picking apples!
Aunt Lacy and Elora
Ben and half of Zach
We had tons of apples this year!! And we made tons of applesauce with them!

Mmmmmm! Yummmm!

Fresh from the garden!

Fair Time!

Last week was the SW WA Fair in Chehalis. Ben, Lacy and I took the kids. I let Zach and Elora pick one ride to go on. Elora picked the Carousal and Zach pick the big slide. They had lots of fun on the rides and seeing all the animals! We even got to see Elvis! For all you CA people reading this, it was soooooooooo hot! (97 degrees)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cute Table!

A friend of mine noticed we didn't have a table for our breakfast nook, so she offered me one that she had stored in her barn. I thought, sure, anything is better then nothing. Well when she brought it over I just about jumped with joy because it was sooo stinkin' cute! So I refinished it and put in our breakfast nook!

There is even this nice ring burned into the table to give it more character! (I couldn't sand it off without leaving groves in the table)

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