Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Smith Family!

We had a Smith Reunion with all of Pete's Brothers, Sisters, and their Husbands, Wives and children. There are 28 of us right now, with 2 more joining us in about 4 months! Everyone gathered at Ken & Julie's house (and ours) and we stayed close to home. It was perfect weather and we had a great time with everyone!

Pete, pushing the triplet cousins. Lilly, Danika and Makella are all a few months apart in age. It's so cute to watch them play together.

Pete's sister Wendy and her husband Ben.

We went to a friends home to ride their horses. They had this cool contraption that called to my artistic side!

Wendy and Ben (the two big kids) playing with the goat.

Zach riding.

Lilly, Makella and Danika terrorizing the baby chicks!

Cousins Elora and Lacey loving the goat!

Elora riding.

Here are Ben M., Matt, Pete, Lacy, Sam and Ben S. shooting hoops.

Mandy and Wyatt playing tennis.

Here are all the adults except Ken.

All the grand kids!

Ben, Savannah, Elora, Danika and Lacy paddling around the Toledo Lake.
Elora, Mandy and Matt swinging!

Me 25 weeks prego.

I love this pic of Jon, Bonnie and Makella!

This is at the Ridgefield Wildlife Bird Refuge.

This is the Mile and a half hike we went on at the Bird Refuge. Those little white dots way up the trail are the rest of our group. Pete was nice enough to walk with me as I waddled down the trail. I did make it just fine and we saw some fun birds and animals along the way.

This Turtle was trying to lay some eggs in the middle of the trail, right at the entrance of the trail too.
It had given up when we got back to the entrance.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Beautiful Yard!

Pete walked around the house the other day and took pictures of our yard. It just happens to look really good right now, so we had to document it! One of our favorite things about this house is the yard and here in WA we are only able to really enjoy it 4 months out of the year!

So we are enjoying it to the max right now!!!
Pete didn't take any pics of my flowers, so I added a couple. Hehe.

Here are a couple of the birds that have been visiting our bird feeders.
The male and female Purple Finch.
The male Black-Headed Grosbeak.
These bird feeders are hanging right outside our Dinning Room window. So we get to watch all the different birds (and Squirrels) that come on our porch. We love it!

The Faces of Danika!

Here are the many faces of Danika at 2 1/2 years old!

Danika loves making monster faces!