Thursday, July 15, 2010

Smith Family Reunion June 2010

We all gathered here in WA this year.
The weather wasn't that great while everyone was here, so we went to the church and played one day.

This was all the grand kids against Grandma and Grandpa!
Ken and Julie tried really hard, but they have some strong grand kids!

We also played outside the church in the forest and on the baseball field. We found this huge slug! It wasn't even stretched out in this picture.

We picked flowers and made Daisy chains too.

On another day we had a Princess Party for the girls while the boys went fishing.
The Princess Party was really a disguise for a baby shower for Wendy!
The girls loved it and really got into it!
They all got to wear princess dresses and make their own crowns!

We played Kiss the Prince!

These two were just a little too young to go fishing so they had to stay with the princesses.

Val and Xander
Later in the week the girls did get to go fishing!

Danika's Road Rash

This girl knows how to do it right!
If she's going to fall she makes it big!
This is actually sidewalk rash, but that doesn't have the same ring to it.