Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 Months Old!

So I haven't posted any pics of Xander because this is what he looks like!
Snot, snot and more snot(and drool)!
Obviously I decided to post pics anyway!
Xander is now 7 1/2 months old.
He has 2 teeth and is super cute and happy(beside the snot)!
He is sleeping through the night(except when snot wakes him up) and he's sleeping in "the boys room" now!
He crawled a few steps last week and hasn't tried again (and that's OK with me :)), but he is really good at sitting and can almost go from his stomach, to sitting all by himself.
His eyes are not brown!
We aren't sure what color they will end up, but our other three kids all had brown eyes by 7 months.
The last thing I can think of is that his hair is growing like crazy and it's very blond!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amy & Danny's Wedding

If you go to http://molliejanephotographyblog.com you can see some of Amy and Danny's wedding pics. There is one of Danika that is totally cute!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amy's Wedding!

Amy and Danny were married in the San Diego LDS Temple!
(the same place Pete and I were married 9 yrs ago!)

It was a little windy!! But it wasn't raining!

Danika was sick of the wind and the sun in her eyes so she took refuge on Aunt Wendy's shoulder.
Zach was not in the mood to smile :(

Xander and Grandma Laurie

Pete and Amy (notice Wendy dancing with Danny, that wasn't planned).

Elora turned into a dancing maniac. All the people dancing made a circle and she just jumped right in the middle and didn't stop dancing until they turned off the music. She was hilarious trying to copy all the dance moves people where doing!

Elora was so excited that she got to dance with this cute guy.
At the end of the night Elora told me that "I think I made lots of friends tonight!" and "Someone told me I'm going to be a great dancer when I'm older!"
She had sooo much fun and was walking on air as we left!

Uncle Joe with all the older nieces and nephew.

Great Grandma Gilsen with Xander.

Nick and Joe acting normal!

All the Grandkids!

Nick and Rachel's family.

Joe and Lindsey's family.


Great Grandma Lowe and Xander.

We took a trip to the Bass Pro Fishing Shop

Pinewood Derby!

Zach made his first Pinewood Derby car this year! He loved doing it so much that he wants to do it every month!