Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Weekend

So It's been awhile and I think this is the longest post I've ever posted!
For Memorial weekend Ben, Lacy, Matt, Mandy and Pete and I and the kids of course all rented a house in Sequim, WA for 2 nights. The house was right on the Dungeness Spit. The pic below was taken from the backyard of the house. We had perfect weather, the house was perfect for all of us and very kid friendly and we ate lots of great food! Over all I think we had a great time!

Somehow Ben managed to be in this pic :)
This was at Hurricane Ridge. We weren't really expecting snow so we weren't prepared with snow shoes so we didn't hike very far.

Elora was in a good mood !

This was the Railroad hiking trail at Crescent Lake. It was beautiful! The trail led to a swimming hole where the water is around 300ft deep and sooooo clear blue! The pic below is of us all standing on the bridge that crosses the swimming hole. I used my timer.
This was hiking on the way back. Did I say that it was beautiful!?
This was the Wildlife Refuge. They take in animals that have been in movies and are not wanted anymore. You drive through and can feed them bread. That was Matt and Mandy and Ben and Lacy in the car in front of us.The bears would do tricks for bread, like wave and clap and stand up. We even got to see Elk up close. We see them all the time wondering around here but we never get to see them up close. And a Lion roared at us, that was exciting, Danika kept roaring back.Before we left we spent some time on the Dungeness Spit, not nearly enough but that's OK because we are going to the beach again in 3 weeks. We found lots of really cool rocks and the kids didn't want to leave. (neither did the big kids)
Danika just had to close her eyes when I took this pic but she has such a cute little face that I still had to put the pic on.And this pic was just such a great, truly candid pic!
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