Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sequim, WA

We went camping in Sequim, WA for our last camping trip this summer!
We couldn't have picked a better weekend for it!
It was warm and sunny and beautiful!
This was at Ruby Beach,
the "kids" had tons of fun in the tide pools!

Zach and Elora running along Ruby Beach.

Here is Crescent Lake. It is so beautiful! The water is really that color!

Danika is standing in Ho National Rain Forest. This tree was huge!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Apple, Apple, who's got the apple!

It was apple pickin' time last week!
This year I was inspired by my cousin Dana (thanks Dana!) to try making fruit leather with our apples. Mmmm it has turned out so good!

I also made lots of applesauce!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've been thinking about getting chickens for a while now, but haven't ever been able to get around to making a chicken coop.
Pete's brother Ben and his wife Lacy and his sister Bonnie were visiting us for the summer and were bored one day. So they decided to build a coop for us! Yay, so nice of them!
So we had to get chickens to put in the coop!
They are Barred Plymouth Rock chickens.
The kids have been having fun giving them bugs and weeds!

24th of July

Our ward hosted a 24th of July celebration at our ward building (we have the coolest church property I've ever seen).
We had a pioneer potluck with lots of beans and stew :)
Then there were pioneer games and activities!

The kids got to pull and ride in handcarts! This was the favorite activity of the night for most of the kids and miraculously no one was hurt!
This is Elora taking a turn pulling (she's the short one)!

Zach taking a turn pulling!

There were also potato sack races. Zach, Elora and Danika had a race of their own toward the end of the night. It was so funny to watch them!
We gave Danika a head start, but she got passed up after Zach and Elora jumped a few times. Then Danika got all tangled up and just sat down, but she wasn't mad, she was laughing!
I thought that would be it for her but she got up and kept on going, all the way to the cone and all the way back to the start, jumping in the bag the whole way!
I was just really glad to see all that determination that is usually directed at me can be used in other ways!

This is what Xander did the whole time!